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£500 Deposit Scheme

Affordable Access To Your Dream Guitar

During these uncertain times, we know that ordering a custom guitar can feel like an expensive commitment. That's why we're launching a new payment plan to help make the cost of your Fidelity more manageable:

  • £500 initial deposit
  • £500 after 30 days
  • £500 after 60 days
  • Remaining balance to be paid before the guitar ships

An initial deposit of £500 is now enough to reserve your place in the build queue. If you're in the UK you'll also pay 20% VAT (so a total of £600), and for international orders you'll be charged shipping at our usual rates.

There's no need to make a final decision about the model or spec at this stage; after paying the deposit you'll be contacted by email to discuss your ideas and finalise the details & total price.

30 days after the initial deposit you'll be invoiced for a further £500 / £600 in the UK. At that point the spec must be finalised, so that we can start sourcing materials and components for the build.

After 60 days you'll be billed for a 3rd payment of £500 / £600 in the UK.

The remaining balance must be settled before the guitar is shipped, but it's up to you how to pay that; you can either pay in more instalments, or one lump sum. At present, the lead time from ordering to shipping is around 6 months.

In order for us to operate this scheme, unfortunately it won't be possible to refund deposits or subsequent payments at any stage during the build. However, we're aware that circumstances sometimes change unexpectedly, so if at any point you decide to cancel the order then we will continue to build the instrument and sell it as stock upon completion. As soon as the guitar is sold (stock instruments normally sell within a week of being listed) then you'll be refunded your payments immediately.

If you'd like to discuss the deposit scheme further then don't hesitate to email [email protected] with any questions

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Total + tax

Current build time is approximately 6 to 9 months