Modifications & refinishes:

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We don't just build cool instruments - send us your existing guitar and we'll give it a deluxe makeover.  Whether you're looking for a hardware upgrade, custom wiring loom or a full-blown nitro refinish, we can help.  Drop us a line with some ideas and we'll pull together a quote

Nitrocellulose & Acrylic finishing:

Electric guitar / bass body nitrocellulose finish:

(primer + colour + clear topcoat)

Electric guitar / bass neck nitrocellulose finish:

(primer + colour + clear topcoat)

Set neck electric guitar / bass nitrocellulose finish:

(primer + colour + clear topcoat)

Acoustic guitar body acrylic finish:

(primer + clear gloss topcoat)

Acoustic guitar neck acrylic finish:

(primer + clear gloss topcoat)

Set neck acoustic guitar acrylic finish:

(primer + clear gloss topcoat)

£295 inc. VAT

£150 inc. VAT

£410 inc. VAT

£330 inc. VAT

£150 inc. VAT

£445 inc. VAT

If you build your own instruments but don't have the capacity to spray a paint finish, we can help.  Our workshop is kitted out with a Fuji Spray HVLP system and we mix our own paints, giving you access to the full spectrum of colour options.

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Electric Guitar Setups:

Full setup & re-string:

(action, neck relief, nut slots, check electronics, clean)

Full fret dress:

(does not include setup)

£45 inc. VAT + cost of strings

£45 inc. VAT

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