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Double Standard

Addictively Playable Sonic Screwdriver

"Heaps of cool with sounds to match. 8/10" Guitarist Magazine, Feb 2018

Taking the best elements of our favourite classics and melding them into something new, the Double Standard model is a versatile, high-end workhorse which wants to be your new best friend. Features include premium tonewoods, aged nitrocellulose finishes, hand-wound Mojo Pickups and our own custom-made bridges and ferrule blocks. The latest version has added comfort contours on the body, making this guitar even harder to put down than it was before.

Key features:

  • Your perfect companion in the studio or on the road: The combination of a chambered roasted ash body, our billet aluminium bridge and 4-way switching provides the ideal platform to explore a wide variety of styles without changing guitars
  • Dial in your dream spec with a choice of over 1,000 different option combinations (including lefties), the majority at no extra cost
  • Choose the Mojo Pickups to suit your sound: Gold Foils for airy cleans, Mojotrons for crunch & clarity, classic P90 punch or the huge dynamic headroom of our favourite Charlie Christians. Mix and match for tones that you just won't find anywhere else
  • Forearm chamfer and a subtle belly carve for that S-type "wraparound" fit
  • Descendant vibrato tailpiece mounted in our exclusive custom top-plate (optional upgrade)

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