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J. Willgoose, Esq.

(Public Service Broadcasting) Signature Double Standard

Fidelity Guitars are excited to introduce the first J. Willgoose, Esq. signature model, as featured on 2018's "White Star Liner" EP.

Designed to deliver the diverse array of guitar tones found in Public Service Broadcasting's genre-defying music, this versatile, high-end instrument is at home either at the heart of your touring rig or inspiring new music in the studio.

Key features:

  • Two flavours of Mojo Pickups P90: Underwound in the neck for warmth & clarity, rod magnets at the bridge for bright twang
  • Chambered roasted ash body: Semi-hollow design with torrefied top decreases weight and helps to increase resonance for a brighter, clearer tone
  • New for 2021: upgraded Descendant vibrato tailpiece mounted in our exclusive custom top-plate

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For more information about Public Service Broadcasting visit: https://www.publicservicebroadcasting.net/

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