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Josh Hayward

(The Horrors) Signature JB

Relentlessly breaking new musical ground with The Horrors for over a decade, Josh Hayward's reverb-drenched fusions of noise and melody have made him a reference point for a whole new generation of bands in search of left-field guitar tones.

Fidelity Guitars are privileged to announce this new Signature Model, specifically designed to help you realise the sounds lurking at the limits of your imagination.

Key features:

  • Versatile hardware & pickup choices: Offset-style vibrato for glide guitar, Mojotron humbucker for Cramps-like distortotwang and a Gold Foil in the neck for crystal clear shimmer
  • Unique construction: Additional chambering, including under the bridge, to increase liveliness and speed up the onset of musical feedback
  • Custom wiring: Independent no-load tone controls, 4-way rotary pickup selector with series option and a killswitch provide a wide range of sonic possibilities
  • Descendant vibrato tailpiece mounted in our exclusive custom top-plate

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For more information about The Horrors visit: https://www.thehorrors.co.uk/

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