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Richard Dawson

Signature JB

At turns funny, insightful, tender, furious and raw, the abiding feeling connecting Richard Dawson’s records is of a genuine & generous soul confiding their deepest feelings and darkest secrets in the listener, regardless of the subject matter. Following the breakthrough success of “2020” (a coruscating examination of the collective knot in the stomach of modern Britain), his latest LP “Henki” sees Richard partner up with Finnish metal pioneers Circle for a hypnotic journey into the history of botany through the medium of folk, krautrock and twin guitar harmonies.

Richard’s signature JB may appear simple, but it’s been designed with a very specific recipe to facilitate his singular playing style. Typically tuned to a low “C”, we’ve moved the bridge back to accommodate heavier strings and fitted Evo Gold fretwire to stand up to years of punishment. Coupled with a short 24.75” scale length, it’s compact and comfortable to play but with the capacity to veer sharply into wild detuned sonic explorations.

The single pickup is a custom piece wound by Marc Ransley of Mojo Pickups, which is based on Richard’s beloved Burns Nu Sonic – it’s incredibly detailed and dynamic with bags of chime. We’ve specced adjustable polepieces to help balance out the response across all 6 strings.

A stained ash pickguard provides a more tactile connection to the instrument, as does the unfinished neck profile; it’s impossible to escape the feeling that both playing hands are connected to the wood of the guitar at all times. Finished in “A Dark Glow” (a multi-layered & lightly textured take on Royal Blue), it all adds up to an instrument which is as vibrantly unique as the artist who inspired it.

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For more information about Richard Dawson visit: https://www.dominomusic.com/artists/richard-dawson

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