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Now available in Junior, Standard or Deluxe

"Even by modern boutique standards, Fidelity’s individuality is an inspiring breath of fresh air. 8/10" Guitar Magazine, Oct 2019

Designed in collaboration with Marc Ransley of Mojo Pickups, the Stellarosa sits proudly at the top of Fidelity Guitars range.

Inspired by the long-lost Stella Japonica, we've kept the catalogue vibes but added tons of deluxe features, including custom metalwork, unique electronics and celluloid binding.

We've expanded the line-up to include single (Junior), dual (Standard) or triple (Deluxe) pickup models and expanded the switching to bring you a wider array of tones than ever before.

Key features:

  • The ultimate in detailed tone: Low output Charlie Christian P90s from Mojo Pickups coupled to a chambered roasted ash body deliver supreme clarity without compromising on warmth & volume
  • Introducing our "favourites" circuit: Two rotary controls offer 6 (Standard) or 9 (Deluxe) pickup combinations which you can assign to the A/B toggle switch, giving you quick access to the two key sounds for any given song
  • Premium materials and custom hardware: Our most bespoke guitar yet includes unique steel pickup surrounds, celluloid binding and an optional Descendant vibrato tailpiece mounted in our exclusive top-plate

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