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Thundermaker Bass

Back-To-Basics Building Leveller

Unapologetically rejecting advancements in 4-string design, the Thundermaker looks back to a time when inspiring awe, terror and an ear-to-ear grin from everyone in the first five rows were a bass player's key requirements.

This friendly giant delivers warm, rounded tones through a combination of chambered swamp ash construction and custom wound Mojo Pickups, but kick it to the bridge soapbar (or, if you dare, the "loud-mode" toggle switch) and get ready for some seriously aggressive 60's bite.

Available in long (33.25") or short (30.75") scale length.

Key features:

  • Looks old, feels new: The Thundermaker's retro appearance hides some very modern features, such as graphite neck reinforcement, a compound fingerboard radius and flexible pickup controls. We offer a choice of scale lengths to suit your individual playing style
  • Built to be both bold & warm: A through-strung setup using our custom-designed billet aluminium bridge and brass ferrule block deliver a clear, strident voice which is balanced by a chambered swamp ash body construction, rounding out the tone and reducing weight
  • Custom wound Mojo Pickups: Mojo Pickups have created these Hi-Gain units specifically for our basses - you won't find them anywhere else. Based on our favourite vintage 4001, they deliver the perfect balance of warmth and clang. Want a bit more low-end punch? Go for the equally brilliant Dyna Bass units
  • Schaller M4 90 tuners dramatically reduce the headstock weight and improve the balance without compromising on the retro vibe

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