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Tim Walters

(Poly-Math) Signature JB Lite I

Brighton’s Poly-Math remain impossible to pin down. At heart a classic prog band, they’ve spent the past decade inventing dark new soundscapes to wrap around the bruising math rock which made their name. Expanding to a 5-piece in 2020 with the addition of Chris Olsen on saxophone, they’ve never sounded more vital than on latest album “Zenith”, which perfectly captures their huge live energy in 8 tight, propulsive new tracks.

At the heart of Poly-Math’s sound is the unique guitar playing of Tim Walters, which veers between a multitude of different roles: half-heard scribbles of melody; a searing beam cutting through the fog; locked in with the huge, complex riffs.

Based on our Lite I model, Tim’s Silverburst JB takes some visual cues from Omar Rodriquez-Lopez’s short-lived Ibanez ORM-1, with split pickguards and a single bridge pickup mounted directly to the body. Not as mid-focused as a true P90, this custom wound Mojo Pickups single coil delivers bags of top-end presence whilst still carrying plenty of punch and is a perfect platform to layer on the drive and modulation effects which help to make up Tim’s signature sound.

For darker, thicker sounds, just flip the slide switch on the upper horn to engage the treble cut mode. Like rolling your tone control all the way off, this setting is perfect for progressive 70’s lead lines and also works really well with filter & synth pedals. A discrete TESI kill switch on the lower horn completes the custom wiring loom.

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Check out some more footage of Tim playing his signature model in the video to new single "Velociter" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owKREfwi6bI

For more information about Poly-Math, head to their website at https://www.poly-math.net/ or visit their Instagram profile at @wearepolymath

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